Judaism VS Islam

Bless Hashem. Nicely said! For our brother and sisters, just to clarify for you to fully understand. Judaism was the only religion that encounter the Words of G-d to millions of people, even Egyptian that’s followed Prophet Moses (PBUH) in his journey to Mt. Sinai.


The other religions, in addition to Muhammad, was unfortunately solely based on Private Prophecy. In other words, based on no proof of anyone foreseeing or encountering miracles or connecting to the Holy One, Blessed Be He.

In the Era of Moses, 3 million encountered the Word of G-d and due to it being so Holy they were forced to beg Moses to stop because it was too powerful to hear.

The 613 Commandment are those Commandments. And one of the 613 is clearly written, if anyone changes one Word or commandments they are false.

Hope that will answer all your questions. And G-d Bless all that follow the One G-d.

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