Repairing Photocopier

This was while i am at the workplace handling off some duties and customers complaint call at the current customers site to do troubleshooting on the computers/laptops and configure the photocopiers scanners or printers and faxes machine and sometime i may go to find out and to resolved about some of the customers computer and internet networking between their device and server.


Catching a snap the picture of mine in front of the mirror.


This is the Petronas EPCC Facilities office at level 9 floor at the financial park building. They were handling a Dalak Pipeline Project for Petronas Methanol Labuan at expansion of the Plant 2 site.


Attended to meet a Misi Setia Oil personnel at the same floor level next to the Petronas EPCC Facilities office.



This is the laptop were having the scanner problem that i need to configure at the Petronas EPCC Facilities office. The problem is to resolved the computer scanner profile on the network were unable to receive a file that were scanned from the SHARP photocopier color machine due to machine conflict IP address with the laptop over the Local Area Network.


This was a service request form that were asked for my attention from SHARP in Kuala Lumpur head office through our office on Labuan for Labuan International Financial Exchange and one of our customer. Resolved and configure the computer were unable to scan at the end user configuration.


This is the Labuan International Financial Exchange (FLX). Level 4 floors at Financial Park Labuan.


This was the printer spooled malfunction due to computer need to do a driver re-configuration and installation.


This was me at the National Museum Labuan.

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