Run For A Race Run For Your Life

run for your life

Life is just have to goes on. Hmm I’ve been thinking since whole days what i am gonna to do after this yeah?

I was too busy to think where about my life my path and my job earlier. Well for me this life aren’t really interesting either. What is really important is you lived you eat a lots got enough sleep and have a good clothes to wear on.

Education? I think i just don’t finished completely for what  i wants what i should to achieve and my goal as to structure my life again.

I don’t have many friends as me and yeah they were now who were used to be my friends they already have their own family their own kids and their own thing to being busy of and i am just single and i ain’t nobody but who cares?

One day day i got to think maybe earlier on my life when i and my friends started to go at the same school together i got to realized that how could they just to envy at me when i am getting a good result for my exams, pass my grades with a distinctly qualifications and so on.

What I’ve learned now is that is the life is just like a race and we are the runners no matter what who got started and run earlier very fast but it doesn’t makes you would be the first person who will win the race in the end. So that is what the life was.

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