How to enable SSH on VPS through WHM?

How to enable SSH on VPS through WHM?

If you want to allow SSH access for an ordinary account created by you on your VPS follow the steps listed in this article:

1. Open WHM on your VPS and navigate to Account Functions > Modify an Account.

2. Activate the SSH access for the account through the Shell Access check box.

3. Then log in the account’s cPanel, navigate to SSH/Shell Access and click on the Manage SSH Keys.

4. Either generate a new key pair or import a key which has been generated on the local computer of the user:

5. Authorize the public key using the Manage Authorization link.

6. Download the public and the private keys and provide them to the account’s user.

sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa
sudo chmod 600 ~/.ssh/
sudo chmod 644 ~/.ssh/known_hosts
sudo chmod 755 ~/.ssh

Connecting with Putty

For putty to use the private key correctly you need to open the private key with “pageant” this is provided for free with putty if you use the everything installer or downloaded individually from putty’s download page. I recommend you download the “Windows Installer for Everything” from:

Download Page for Putty

1 – Open the .ppk file with Pageant if you used the installer and did not change the default  file association settings then you should be able to just double click the file.

2 – You will be asked for the password – enter the password used in the creation of the key

3 – Open Putty and enter the address of your web server – Make sure you click on SSH

4 – When you click connect type the user we set up when creating the key in this case it was root

If everything was setup right you should have SSH access to your web server now

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