Getting My 2nd Motorbike

Previously 2 weeks earlier ago i was called by Aeon Credit lady to informed me that my loan from them that i have applied were approved to financing my Yamaha R25 quarter superbike 250cc from Sin Seng Huat Motor at Kapar Klang Selangor.

After then 2 days ago from the time i wrote this blog i was been called by Hana Tee through her Apple I Phone 7 handphone from Sin Seng Huat telling me she actually had have a good news and a bad news for me to let me know about it and she were asking me to came down to her father’s bike shop in Kapar Klang as soon as pos6. At that time I was eager to know what was that all about for being told a good news and a bad news recently she had been talking about? Later then i have asked her to just speak it all out through the phone but the she refuses to tell me more so i asked her to find some time to make an appointment that i am free to meet her. But she insisted me to came there immediately but after a while i told Hana i will come there at her place after i get my pay cheque at the end of month suppose to be on 30th of November 2017 and would to have a discussion for that matter.

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