Is Muhammad Greater Than Moses?

A wise old saying reminds us that “all mountains point towards the heavens”. In other words, we can expect from any great religion [like Islam] and from any great man [like Muhammad] to bring us closer to God.

But, to claim that prophet Muhammad was a greater prophet than Moses of his blessed memory is wrong (and might be even be misleading). Why? Simply because, right before departing from this World, Moses had the wisdom to publicly designate the person that would lead the Hebrew community after his departure (this man, was prophet Joshua.

On the other hand, Muhammad didn’t have the wisdom to do the likewise. And this lack of foresight led his Ummah (the Muslim community) to divided itself into two different camps- Sunni Islam, and Shiah Islam (the former would follow the designated Caliphate, while the latter would follow Muhammad’s biological descendants).

Again, this lack of wisdom not only resulted in many bloody wars between Muslim brothers, but the rift has continued even to our present day, brewing strife and hatred between Muslim believers [something unheard among Jews, whom in spite of their dogmatic differences would never wage war against one another].


Finally, the Qur’an is certainly a wonderful book. But it does not match the Torah, as it not only lacks a book of proverbs and psalms, but even lacks a clear account of their main characters (i.e.- who was king David? Who was his father? Who was his grandfather? When did he live? In what city was he born? How many years did he live?).
In short, the Muslim faith is indeed a tall and lofty mountain, wherein many venerable and righteous people abide.

But, the Hebrew faith, is an even higher mountain, in spite of the fact that it’s dwellers are many times fewer than those of Islam.

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