Bitcoin Heist 2017

To catch the world’s most wanted thief, an Interpol agent assembles a team of elite hackers to plan the ultimate crypto-currency heist.   Synopsis Bitcoin Heist is a fast-paced, action-packed, tech-based feature film that focuses on the new cryptocurrency known … Continue reading

Kickboxer 1989

Kickboxer (1989) is one of the best martial arts films that Jean-Claude Van Damme ever made. Kurt Sloan is the corner-man for his brother, U.S. kickboxing champion Eric Sloan. When Kurt witnesses his brother become maliciously paralyzed in the ring … Continue reading

Embedding Perl Script into WordPress Blog Posts

In this example, I want to display the current time the page is viewed. A simple Perl script can do this:

However, you cannot directly run Perl code in a blog post but you can embed the script into … Continue reading

Schindler’s List Film Review

“Schindler’s List” is described as a film about the Holocaust, but the Holocaust supplies the field for the story, rather than the subject. Schindler’s List is a 1993 American historical period drama film directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg and written by Steven Zaillian. It is … Continue reading