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run for your life

Run For A Race Run For Your Life

Life is just have to goes on. Hmm I’ve been thinking since whole days what i am gonna to do after this yeah? I was too busy to think where about my life my path and my job earlier. Well for me this life aren’t really interesting either. What is really important is you lived […]

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Gigantic Sharp Photocopier Machine

This are the photocopier machine supplied from our office Kcci Maju Labuan Sdn Bhd for Jabatan Pelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan Headquarters Financial Park level 10th floors. SHARP Monochrome MX Series. Complete furnished fully assembly with finisher included.

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Clubbing At Havoc Distro Labuan

Labuan island is truly a sanctuary place or known as one of the island of the paradise located at the northern Borneo of Malaysia. It is also a hub for the Oil & Gas industry and as well as an offshore financial banking industires and not only that Labuan also had been very familiar for […]

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Interview FAQ Question & Answers

About Questions and Answers FAQ for interview . View Outlook Photo.    

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Set Up Autocount At Work

Setting up for accounting software at Hap Huat Superstore supermarket at kg Durian Tunjung Labuan. Add new user profile . Entering the business address for user profile details. Attach the database from the main server.

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Memory of KCCI

Chilling and relaxing inside the car at the parking lot before go to the office. Monthly Meter Reading cards each month have to go at the customer sites to issue a photocopier meter reading. Md.Husin Senior Technician my friend and my colleague at work.

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Ngalang Seafood Restaurant

Ngalang Seafood Restaurant at Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan owned by Datuk Kok located at kerupang kampung Ngalang Labuan. View from the entrance walk. Live Seafood preview 1 Live Seafood preview 2 Live Seafood Preview 3 Live Seafood preview 4 Live Seafood preview 5 This is my friend Liew Fang Lu AKA Lulu. She worked at the […]

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Sharp Photocopiers KCCI Maju Labuan Sdn Bhd

These are the photocopier from our company KCCI Maju Labuan Sdn Bhd. I worked here since 2013 as a Field Service/System Technician. This is SHARP monochrome photocopier model MX-364 being assemble on site for Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia at Customs Asian Supply Base site Labuan.   This are for delivery ready stock photocopier to be […]

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Scrap Photocopier

All these photocopiers are not in used and out of service due to malfunction, faulty machine and taken back from the customers end . Delivered to GST or Gan Star Trading Sdn Bhd located at kg Rancha-Rancha Labuan for recycle and sold as cooper zinc as worth of RM0.70 per Kilogram. Transported by our company […]

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Repairing Photocopier

This was while i am at the workplace handling off some duties and customers complaint call at the current customers site to do troubleshooting on the computers/laptops and configure the photocopiers scanners or printers and faxes machine and sometime i may go to find out and to resolved about some of the customers computer and […]

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